Thursday, June 2, 2011

Picking in Ohio and Michigan

Back home from a quick trip to Ohio for my nieces graduation party.  Hit some yard sales, a flea market and my favorite in Michigan... Funk's Junk!  I came home with a car load and then have had 3 consignors come in with items.  Plus Tuesday night Kenny, Kendra, Josh and I went to an auction in Lexington, NC. I am still pricing and organizing all the new items.  I think I would love to be a picker and have someone in the store while I was out "shopping" for more things to sell! Do you watch the show "American Pickers"? I love that show and also Storage Wars is a pretty cool show, too.  Well....I need to get back to pricing!  Talk to ya later!!! :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

busy crafting

Robin and I have been busy crafting the past few months getting ready for the Daniel Boone Family Festival to be held in Mocksville on Sat. May 7th.  We have been trying to "UPCYCLE" many items we already had instead of investing extra money to make our crafts. We were lucky enough for my niece to give us several yards of burlap.  She had used it as table runners at her wedding reception last summer.  You can't believe all the great items you can come up with using burlap! We have had so much fun designing, cutting, sewing and gluing burlap into various items. I will post some pictures from our booth after the festival.Wish us a rain free day with lots of people showing up for a fun day!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my new blog. I hope you will become a follower and enjoy the posts I make about my life and the world of consignment. I have owned and operated Consignment Unlimited since 2005. It has been a great adventure that I truly enjoy.  At some point I have had everyone of my family involved and not always because they really wanted to.....but sometimes a person just needs a little help! My daughter, Kendra fills in when I work my other job (group home), Kenny my partner in life shares his garage with my great finds that aren't quite ready to come to the store yet, my sons help move stuff all the time and my daughter-in-law and grandchildren are willing to fill in when I need them. I love yard sales, flea markets, auctions and other consignment stores.  I am always on the hunt for that one "SPECIAL" item that will sell for way more than I invested but right now I am just collecting for myself and adding to the store inventory. LOL! So follow me on my journey and send me helpful comments!  I hope to hear from you.........Diane